VIDEO: Craven Big Game Hunters Find Karma From Lion

Don't shoot lions you freaks.

Are you people ready for some karma? Some fairly insane karma? Because this video going around online will satiate your weird karma fix. There are few crimes as craven as shooting an animal like a ion. You’re infinitely more powerful than this creature who doesn’t have access to a gun. The animal is minding its own business. It’s beautiful, it is in its own home, and in some cases, such as that of the elephant, is endangered. So, it’s hard to blame Twitter for enjoying this video as much as it did. The beginning is atrociously horrifying. And the end is scary too. But scary in a way where everyone seems okay enough to post the video, so we’re hoping everyone is fine.

The video begins with a couple posing with a shotgun over a lion’s corpse. One of the most craven acts imaginable, and they seem very proud of themselves. Then the woman sees something behind her and runs off, and we see a lion run after her. A lion seeking revenge for the murder of his family by the likes of human beings. It’s satisfying, and I think the people made it out safe so I’m not posting anything gruesome to humans.

But why shouldn’t the distinction extend to animals? Either way, it’s satisfying. It’s satisfying whenever anyone who thinks hurting an animal like this gets a brief jolt to remember that being hurt is actually pretty bad, and that animals aren’t going to take it lying down.

Hey, in 2019, why not go vegetarian? It’s good for the ever dwindling environment, it’s good for destroying factory farms, and if that’s not enough to jolt you, remember in Hitchhiker’s Guide when Arthur Dent had to witness every animal he’s ever eaten? You don’t know what happens in the afterlife! Come on!

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