VIDEO: Dog Uses Car Wash As Amazing Automatic Petting Machine

Going to the dog rub... going to the dog rub now...

This dog has life figured out. While other dogs are suckers, looking to the flimsy wants and desires of humans to get our sweet little dog heads petted, here is this absolute genius, this absolute winner, this dog of good intentions and finer breed, getting his little dog head pet by a car wash! Look at this beautiful little extremely good dog, getting his head pet in a car wash in Istanbul, Turkey.

Now, personally I get somewhat terrified of car washes. They brushes, they can crush my little head, they could! But this dog absolutely has the right idea! Nothing to be crushed! All beings, machine and human, simply want to pet! Put your head beneath the brushes and feel the pets beneath!

What a good dog. A good dog with a hell of an ego! It saw a car wash and went “wow! What an incredible petting machine for me and only me! Woof woof! More treats please!

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