VIDEO: FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Someone While Doing Backflip

Why would a FBI Agent thinks it's okay to dance with a gun?

This is a very funny video with a very sad ending, as videos that involve middle-aged men dancing and guns going off often are. In a video from Denver, Colorado, where many dance-related stories often end in misery for people I am sure, an off-duty FBI Agent can be seen dancing to the sort of weird ambivalent delight of a crowd of people. Soon, I suppose, hubris got the best of him and the FBI agent decided to do a backflip, causing his gun to fly out of his pants. As the FBI agent reaches for his gun, the gun fires and the weirdest part of the video (for me at least), is watching the guy sheepishly take the gun and put it back in its holster, walking away as if the gun didn’t just fire and shoot an innocent person in the leg.

Guys, this is why we’re having the conversation about guns that we are. People are doing backflips with them and then pretending not to notice as they fire and hit people in the leg. You don’t need to carry a gun on you at all times, even if you have the same job as Mulder’s best friend Scully (that was a very subtle X-Files reference only true fans will pick up on).

FBI Denver spokeswoman Amy Sanders said that the issue will be investigated by the police and that the FBI will look into it as a personel matter. The FBI agent’s name will not be released — one of the many perks of having the kind of job where people see you doing backflips with a gun in your back pocket and think you should still be afforded some kind of dignity.

What do you think of this video? Can you promise me you won’t do backflips with a gun in your back pocket, and if you do, you’ll at least have the safety off and not have it loaded? Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.