VIDEO: Fence Cannot Separate Adorable Child and Dog

Good dog/child/world.

What is this feeling you humans call… love? What is this pure and beautiful emotion that brings joy to our very souls? It could be the love between a boy and a dog, a dog and a ball, and no fence, that cruel separator of worlds, can stop them! Twitter user Chad Nelson (@CMNelsonPhoto) realized this first hand after recording his two year old son playing fetch expertly with a dog over a fence.

The heartwarming video shows a child throwing a ball over, and we watch a dog disappear, and then reappear, dropping the ball into the kid’s hands. The dog knows the cruel power of the fence, and the almighty rehabilitating power of fetch! Good dog! Good, good dog!

Apparently, according to the toddler’s father, the two year old in fact is the proud co-owner of two other dogs, but folks, what are you going to do, deny fetch? The purest game of all time? I don’t think so, folks. The game, in pure, watching someone live out the most beautiful era of their life when all is harmless and beautiful, went on for half an hour.

What do you think though? Is this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, or is there something cuter, and is that a normal and cool thing to rank? Probably not, right? What are you doing ranking cute things! Ranking cute things, good dogs, I swear, you people make me– uhh. I digress. What do you think of the video, Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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