VIDEO: Friends Laugh Track Replaced by Seth Rogen

Ah, that comfortable phlegmy laugh!

Sometimes you get exactly what is advertised in this cruel, sour and unfortunate world of ours, and what we desire in this burning husk is this: we want our beloved show Friends to exist with the laugh tracks replaced by Seth Rogen. And sure, the same old school marms would hem and haw at such an outlandish proposition, but don’t worry! It exists! A video of the Friends being goofy with Seth Rogen’s world famous phlegmy laugh mixed in does indeed exist! Gaze it at lovingly below.

There’s something sweet about the whole thing. Those faceless laugh track sounds may as well have some out of a noise machine. It could honestly be the screeching of tires, and the same exact effect would be had — noise to make you feel less alone. There’s almost something perverse about this. We can recognize our loved ones’ laughs pretty easily, and here you are, sitting next to a laugh you can recognize, watching a show whose main export is comfort, and just feeling nice. It feels nice. Folks, it feels nice.

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