VIDEO: GA Congressman Jason Spencer Yells N-Word, Shows Butt, on Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Show

Frankly, Baron Cohen didn't have to try that hard to get him to do it.

About two minutes into watching Georgia Representative Jason Spencer’s disastrous appearance on “Who Is America?”, Sacha Baron Cohen’s new program, you have to ask, what kind of show do you think Spencer was exactly appearing on? The representative never hid his violent racism, telling a black critic of Confederate statues that she “will go missing in the Okefenokee [Swamp]”, (referring of course to the violent drowning of a woman who he disagrees with), but his behavior on the show was… something else. In it, Spencer shouted the n-word several times, literally showed his ass after Baron Cohen’s character, Essan Morrad, told him it was how you fight terrorist because they would be afraid of touching your butt and making you gay.

This was all (of course) after he pretended to be Chinese, talking in a racist kind of fake language (choice quote: “Konichi Wa, Red Dragon, Beijing, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Sushi”) to take upskirt photos to prove Muslim women are terrorists. Jason Spencer blamed Baron Cohen for misleading him, adding that this was “exactly why President Donald Trump was elected”, implying the election of his preferred president was a terrible punishment that his opponents brought onto themselves rather than something good for the country. Cool.

The fallout of the clip has been swift, with Republican Georgia leaders calling for his resignation. As quoted in the New York Times, Georgia Speaker David Ralston has said “Representative Spencer has disgraced himself and should resign immediately… Georgia is better than this.”, and representative Nathan Deal has Tweeted…

Spencer has Texted with a reporter from The Washington Post, saying that he acted the way he did due to an increased fear of threats from terrorists, however isn’t it always a white person’s unfounded fear of minorities that gets them to behave in a racist way? Do you remember how bad that coupon guy was shaking on an old lady using a coupon he didn’t recognize? Fear is not an excuse to uhhh… pull down your pants and yell the n-word on TV. Sir.

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