VIDEO: Lemon Rolling Down Hill For Quarter Mile is Hero We Deserve

Sour chaos reigns...

In a world of chaos…. in a world where the rules of humanity have been thrown aside for the thirst a power hungry mad man, and the pleas of the people suffering in the world… in a world that needs help, there is but one hero to help us… video of a lemon rolling for a quarter of a mile.

Mike Sakasegawa, a San Diego photographer while walking home from work saw a lemon rolling down a hill and did what any intrepid citizen would do– he followed the lemon. He followed the story. He wanted to know where this lemon was running to. Was it running from a seafood buffet after seeing how the fish were made? Was it escaping its lemon tree, unforgiving of his decisions in life (he loves to roll you see)? It is impossible to know, however the conclusion of the story was tragically cut short as the lemon rolled its way into the gutter.

I’m sorry, can stories of escape, of freedom, of beauty end with a creature as noble as the precarious lemon be finished the fruit of choice be lying in the gutter of unchoice? Will its sour flavor be fated never to be tasted by his hordes of fans? Sakasegawa knew he could not allow such tragedy to take hold in the American psyche and, not unlike Daddy Warbucks taking home Little Orphan Annie, not unlike Moses being fished from the Nile by the Egyptian, and not unlike Superman being rescued by Pa and Ma Kent from the rocket which brought him to Earth, Mike Sakasegawa took the lemon home and gave it a big old bath.

Scrubby, scrubby, lemon! Scrubby, scrubby!

What do you think though? Is the tale of the lemon noble and good? Are lemons better with fish or in drinks? When they say go suck a lemon do you say “yes please” because lemons are good? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.