VIDEO: Lil Pupper Plays in Mud

Sqoosh sqoosh sqoosh

Look, sometimes you just need a break from the shambling pain that is the day to day workflow. Sometimes you need to just hang back, close your eyes… and imagine a tiny little puppy just splooshing around in a mud puddle. Just sinking its little face in there, enjoying its cute little muddy self. Well, you can open your eyes, because that is exactly the video that has been floating around the internet: of a cute little puppy named Rose just rolling around in the mud as if the world was beautiful and every worry was just far away, which if you’re a little puppy (and especially if you’re a puppy— what’s a puppy going to do, go to work?)

The video is adorable, squishing around in beautiful mud, and the owner cheers it on, only to shriek in horror as the little dog runs its tiny muddy self into the house. Adorable. Beautiful. Folks, enjoy. It’s been a long week back from Christmas, and I think you deserve a delightful video of a muddy little pupper swooshing and floofing around softly and squishly. Ah, the English language. Its mastery will always be delightful.

Good pupper. Good, good pupper. Good puppers all. Three muddy cheers for you, old pup!

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