VIDEO: Little Girl Throws Distracted Dad’s Phone Overboard

Phone Overboard!

Cell phones have taken over the world, and the fact that we can access social media on them, doesn’t make the situation any better. For this young girl, she has had enough, and kissed her dad’s phone bye-bye.

You can spend hours and hours scrolling through social media, watching funny videos and tagging your friends in memes, but sometimes the attention that we pay to our phones, is really the attention that we should be giving to others around us. This was the thoughts of a four-year-old girl, called Alisa, who was having a lovely day out on a boat in Saint-Tropez with her Russian rapper dad, Timati. She noticed how he wasn’t really enjoying himself, and instead, was talking on his phone.

The little girl, couldn’t believe how all of her dad’s attention was focused around this little screen and not the beautiful views that surrounded them. I really agree with her on this one. Fancy being on a boat, sailing along the gentle waves and surrounded by the beautiful French Riviera views, just to spend all your time on your phone. Also, the fact that he was spending time with his little daughter just makes this even worse. They always say how these are the little moments that parents should cherish, and he is definitely not doing that.

Alisia really wasn’t playing around, as she kept moaning at her dad to come off his phone, and because he wasn’t listening, she grabbed her dad’s phone out of his hands and launched the device overboard into the ocean. Devastation couldn’t even describe the look on her dad’s face, as his daughter shrugs her shoulders and gives an ‘I told you so’ face back to him. She then lies down on the boat, whilst she enjoys her best life.

The video has gone viral, reaching up to 5.7 million views within hours, as Timati shared the video to his 12.7 million Instagram followers. Although, it wasn’t all bad for Timati, and it looked like his daughter got what she wanted, as they were pictured later on holding hands as they enjoy their time on their holiday.

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