VIDEO: Lucas the Spider Celebrates Christmas With Fly

Christmas Cutie!

Lucas the Spider has warmed hearts the internet over with his cute antics, cuter voice, and massive beautiful eyes that will make whatever brain receptor in your head reacts to beautiful imagery implode. Created by animator Joshua Slice and voiced by Slice’s nephew, the incredibly sweet arachnid crawls around the world, trying to make sense of this chaotic life of ours, and also being very, very cute in the process.

Here we see the little spider trying to make friends with the arachnid’s greatest meal: the little fly! He comes up to the fly, asks the fly to be his friend, and the fly flies off to the heartbreak of the poor little guy. But, he keeps up, and soon his kindness is absorbed and the fly realizes hey, Lucas is too sweet. In the Christmas spirit, Lucas brings the fly a peppermint.

Lucas! You Christmas sweetie! Bringing Christmas treats to sweeties! Sweeties to sweeties! See, Lucas doesn’t eat flies, Lucas eats candy, as is his way and they way of all sweeties.

Maybe we all find the warm kindness that Lucas the Spider found towards his fly buddy. Merry Christmas to all.

Lucas the Spider was featured being a little cutie in the YouTube rewind, so if you still hate the video because it didn’t show PewDiePie dabbing in the forest that ruined everyone’s January, 2018 or what have you, just remember — it had a cute little big eyed spider who can’t wait to bring peppermints to the masses. What a little cutie.

What did you think of this Lucas the Spider video though? Would you make friends with Lucas the Spider? Would you befriend him if you were a fly? What if you were a really big fly? In any case, why not let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.