VIDEO: Man Keeps Driving Car AFTER Wheel Falls Off

If we're going to award the biggest idiot of the week, it would have to go to this guy.

You know when you’re driving along the freeway, bopping along to all your favourite tunes and then a huge white pickup truck swerves across the road, nearly crashing into everybody in sight? No? Well, lucky for you. However, this was the nightmare that many faced, when a man kept on driving his car, even though he had lost a wheel on his travels.

I’m pretty sure this is illegal, and even still, I usually make sure that I have four wheels attached to my car before I set off. We’re not sure what was going through this man’s mind, as he scrapes along the road, causing sparks to fly and subsequently, further damage to his car. After the person who filmed the video posted the footage online, questions flooded in about the car, the driver and what on earth he was doing.

I think the people filming were just as confused as we are, as you can hear someone in the car saying, “what the hell is this guy doing?” Their best guess to answer all the questions, was that the man’s wheel fell off and he just kept driving the vehicle as he had somewhere he needed to be.

It’s a pretty funny video, as you can hear the car slowly scrape against the surface of the road. I know you shouldn’t laugh as this sort of stuff, but it is making me chuckle. Although, I must remind everyone, please do not do this, it is very dangerous. I know it seems silly that I’m having to remind people not to drive with only three wheels, but this is not the first time this has happened. There are much too many videos of this kind of stuff online. So yeah, please don’t ever do this.

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