VIDEO: Passerbys Stop Cop From Harassing Two Teens

Well, this is exhilarating.

Well, this is exciting. Over and over we’ve heard about aggressive racist cops destroying the lives of the citizens in the black communities that they’re meant to patrol. People are told about the rights they they have to protect themselves from the police — rights that were instituted so innocent people wouldn’t have to deal with racist police officers — but in the moment we can freeze up and forget them, letting those who wish to harm us in the name of the law continue doing so. Luckily, some people have help from the outside world, as this incredible video of two men stopping the police from doing an illegal search and seizure to two teenagers, shows. It’s absolutely fantastic. These two men absolutely know all of their rights and will gladly communicate them to those who are being harassed in their hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Watch the video below.

What’s incredible about the video above isn’t only the absolute breadth of knowledge that the two men show (it’s illegal to do a search and seizure with a cause for suspicion, and it’s recommended that the kids take down the cop’s badge number in order to properly report him), or that it actually works (wow), but also how they talk to the cop when the cop tries to assert his weird, bullying dominance over the two men. When he says that he can harass the kids because it’s “his corner”, the two men are shocked! His corner!? They pay his taxes, if anything it’s the corner of the citizenry that he should be sworn to protect! His corner… ridiculous.

The two men then drive away and I sincerely hope that the cop didn’t just go back to harassing the teens directly after. Yeesh. What a broken world. What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending. Okay, are we cool? Cool. Okay, bye.

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