VIDEO: Swan Gets Into Fight With Elephant

Elephant has entered the battle.

Super Smash Bros comes out in less than a month and promises us some amazing match ups. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Solid Snake fight a Piranha Plant? Although no video game match up could ever equal some of the cool crazy stuff we see in freakin– oh, I don’t know– nature!? Take for example the video below. Did you ever know you had to see an elephant fight a swan some day? Well guess what. Guess what I got. Guess what you’re about to see. Guess what you’re about to witness? That’s right. A freakin’ swan fighting a gosh darn elephant!

Sure, it’s a baby elephant, (one named Zuri, in fact) but man both of them get their licks in, don’t they?! This all went down at the Hogle Zoo in Utah, no doubt to the delight of many of the viewers who were sick and tired of animals being FRIENDS with each other! (Sure, it’s better than being caught in the eternal forever animal war). Man is it lovely though. At one point the goose lands on the elephant’s back. This is a wonderful strategy, especially if you’re a particularly mischievous goose.

Honestly, we don’t give it up enough for the cute little elephant’s damn sense of sweet animal mercy! He could squish that goose into patê if he wanted. Eh, maybe he doesn’t know how. Or maybe he’s– kind!?!?!?! Such madness from the animal universe I was not prepared for oh not but for nary an instant. Anyway, the video is cute as hell… and, as Boing Boing points out, this is not the first time this cute little fella picked a fight with a goose. Hmm. I wonder if it’s the same one. Nah, that would be crazy. Hmm… however…

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