VIDEO: Woman BEATS DOWN Attempted Purse Snatcher

Get his butt!

Man do I love this video. What can be more satisfying than seeing some creep try to invade a woman’s personal space, in this case trying to steal the purse of a woman on her property, only to get the holy shit beaten out of him. Muggers! The worst! The entire thing has been caught on camera and is just so damn gratifying to watch. At first it’s horrifying. We can see the woman pull in, we see a motorcycle driving around the premises. We know that something really bad is about to happen. Then the woman exits her car and one of the guys on the bike runs in to grab the purse, his helmet obscuring his face. But it’s harder than it seems as the woman — POW– just socks him in his disgusting thieving gut. Then, BAM, on him again.

The best part of this satisfying video? When she takes him behind the tarped down barbecue grill and just wails on the guy out of sight. It’s insane, but the guy tried to attack a woman in her own home. The hell does he think are the consequences of invading someone’s space like this. It’s a damn beatdown that all of us can just watch online and be kind of satisfied.

The thief’s partner then runs in with a baton, threatening to hit the woman, who lets the guy leave and get away as they drive off on a motorcycle and the woman runs back into her house. It’s an incredibly satisfying video. So I guess it’s a PSA for this — learn self defense, and if you try to attack a woman and get your butt beaten down, every single blog and viewer will cheer every punch. Sorry buddy! It’s just too satisfying to see creeps punched on up! Sorry!!

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