VIDEO: X-Ray of a Man Beatboxing is Wild

Really lets you see the bones of beatboxing.


The human body is this insane mountain of meat and muscle that if you ask me how it works, I would say without a shadow of a doubt, “magic”. I would be wrong, but I would insist on it, quite wrongly again. If you were then to ask me, “how does beatboxing work”, I would say, “I don’t know, double magic, why are you asking me? My answers are clearly less than satisfactory. I don’t want to disappoint you any further”. Of course, if you want a much more sense making show of how beatboxing works, you could do a lot worse than checking out this video, posted by beatboxer Gaucho (Timo Schnepf), inside of an MRI.

The images look incredible and there is much to follow. There’s the tongue, moving wildly to the noises he is making, his throat, opening and closing to the very sounds he is creating, and the beat itself is very impressive. Mr. Schenpf, thank you for this MRI. Normally MRI’s show us x-rays of skeletons and organs that do absolutely zero rapping, but in this case, expectations have been bested, and for all of us who want to beatbox but are not sure what the inside of our bodies should look like, at long last… there is a guide.

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