Watch the Christine Ford Hearings About the Brett Kavanaugh Assault Here

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As I am writing this, Christine Ford is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh. Republicans are attempting to discredit her as a witness, as those watching her are troubled by the treatment she is receiving when this is, as many have pointed out, not a criminal, she is a woman with unbelievable bravery recalling a deeply traumatic moment, with the worst consequence coming towards Kavanaugh is not the usual consequence of you know— the justice system, but not receiving a Supreme Court seat.

The Republicans attempt a very ghoulish line of questioning, questioning her memory, and even questioning her polygraph, implying it is not credible if it was not recorded. A line of questioning that particularly angered those who believe Ford is an attempt to prove that her fear of flying, but that she flew here on a plane shows she is an unreliable witness.

What however is much more unreliable is the Republicans’ blocking of other witnesses from the event, including Mark Judge, and the treatment of Ford as someone who needs to prove herself instead of give us information on Brett Kavanaugh so the committee can make an informed decision.

However, Ford is a reliable and brilliant witness, and her actions are powerful and inspiring, and inspiring to women who come forward. Her testimony is continuing above.

If you want to help victims of sexual assault, you can donate to RAINN, here.


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