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The infamous Kamala Harris’ video ‘We did it, Joe’ from Election Day, has been meme-fied on TikTok after Harris and Joe’s historic win. Even though the election is nearly over, we are nowhere near done with the election memes.

Video of the Vice President-elect Kamala Harris calling former Vice President, Joe Biden, has gone viral after being turned into a meme on the internet. 

What Happened

Kamala Harris’ win became the first of many to come in the United States after the victory of the Democratic party in the 2020 elections. The daughter of an Indian mother, and Jamaican father has risen in the Country’s leadership more than any other woman ever before her. Being chosen as Joe Biden’s vice president, she will become the first woman, and first woman of color to hold such a title.

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The historic nature of her achievement made her announcement of the election call to Joe Biden even more significant to not only her but the in the hearts of women everywhere. 

The Phone Call

The original short clip depicts Harris’ phone call to President-elect Biden as she joyfully says “We did it. We did it, Joe. You’re going to be the next President of the United States.” Having just finished her morning jog, Harris is out of breath and flabbergasted by the news. Imagine getting a phone call that you are the next Vice President of the United States…


‘We did it, Joe.’ Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris calls to congratulate her running mate, President-Elect Joe Biden.

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics

The Memes Are Alive

People on TikTok could not help but recreate the iconic phone call moment with Harris’ voice of the original video. Many parodied her being tipsy because of the tired and nervous nature of her voice after a morning jog. 


I love u auntie mala💙💙😂😂 #wediditjoe #kamalaharris

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


#kamalaharris #election #biden2020 #trump2020 #fyp

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics

Trump Supporters Took Their Own Take

This led to an odd variation of the ‘We did it, Joe’ meme where TikTok Trump supporters depicted Kamala in a more slapstick villain archetype where she tries to usurp the presidency from Joe Biden through various types of poison and violence. 

This TikTok depicts Kamala as preparing target practice with Biden’s face.



♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


Y’all will see 😂 #watch #fyp #trump2020 #kamalabelike #fyp #foryoupage #viral #evilwoman

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


Y’all will see 😂 #watch #fyp #trump2020 #kamalabelike #fyp #foryoupage #viral #evilwoman

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics

Taking Things Personally

 A funnier variation of the meme was TikTok users tagging Kamala’s voice to their own celebratory, and sometimes even sad achievements like getting over someone and attending zoom classes. 


yelling at my friends to shut up so i can concentrate #MotivationMonday

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


YUP! You heard that right. WEEEE did it. WE. A+ plz 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

♬ original sound – cbsnews

A Reason To Celebrate

Kamala’s historic path to victory woke a great sense of joy to many of her supporters. Here are some of the wholesome reactions of TikTok users to the original clip.


#duet with @nowthispolitics

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


#duet with @nowthispolitics #foryoupage #biden2020 #fyp

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics


#duet with @nowthispolitics

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics

Of course, Kamala’s victory will be finalized after the official settlements of lawsuits sued against her, and Joe Biden by Trump during the election. Until then we will patiently wait to see her take the oval office with Biden. 

While the projected results brought light and joy to many American homes, the fight for President Trump to gracefully give the White House and position to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris continues.

Claims of voter fraud in the name of the Democratic Party have been swirling around the internet along with the news of the ground-breaking Coronavirus vaccine that was announced earlier this week. Conspiracy theorists believe that the news was purposely held until after the election for the downfall of Trump and that the election of Biden and Kamala Harris will not go through.

What did you think about the election? Did you find these memes funny and uplifting? Let us know in the comments!

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Anes Hasi