BBC Unveils Horrifying “Evolutionary Human Ideal”

Why is there a baby sticking out from her torso? Is the torso baby also ideal?

For a long time, we thought the future would be this kind of glorious Jestons like machination of technology where each of us would have a robot servant, and we would talk through videos at our boss (who is also Cosmo Spacely). Well, we got our technology, and guess what, folks? Judging by the recent troubles of Facebook, technology didn’t save us! So, some scientists started to wonder — what about the next stage of human evolution? What would the ideal human being resemble and look like? Well, folks, it seems like the next step of humanity, as designed by anatomist Alice Roberts, and built by special effects model maker Sangeet Prahaker, is horrifying. Watch the video of its truly terrifying unveiling below.

Alice Roberts made her own evolution version of herself and unveiled it to her own scream and the awkward giggles of the audience around. Are we all going to evolve to be terrifying Avataresque creatures? What does this form represent, and why is there a big smiling baby head sticking out of this woman’s midsection? Well, the video explains it all.

The baby is shown being developed in a marsupial-like pouch for a pain-free childbirth. That’s not the only animal wrapped up into the human form here! This entire menagerie also includes the strong back of a chimp for easier walking, the reliable heart of a dog, the shock absorbing legs of an emu (check out those three toes), the “graceful lungs” of a swan, and a choke free windpipe. Sorry windpipes of the past, you’re old news!

This is all very well and good and horrifying, but it’s not enough for me! I won’t rest until these same anatomical scientists can make me look like The Thing from the Fantastic Four. Please give me my rocky skin, science! I got a Dr. Doom to pummel.

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