Cafeteria Ladies Stole $500,000 From Schools and Students

Two sisters, Joanne Pascarelli and Marie Wilson, have both been accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from two schools in Connecticut.

Remember the days at school, and your favorite period of the day, lunch. Ah, frozen chicken nuggets that were never fully reheated and lumpy mash potatoes, such disgusting food that we all love and miss. But do you remember counting your change after paying for your gourmet dish? Probably not, and this is how two cafeteria workers stole nearly $500,000 in lunch money.

Over the past five years, these two lunch ladies not only stole from children and teenagers, they also stole directly out of the cash registers at the schools. However, the two were never caught, and it wasn’t until the two turned themselves in, that they were arrested. The two sisters worked sneakily together to steal a combined $478,588 from Saxe Middle School and New Canaan High School, both based in the Connecticut area. It has also been said that this could have been going on for as long as fifteen years, with school officials stating that they didn’t report anything, as they had only just recently noticed some ‘irregularities’ with their cash flow.

It’s no wonder that this wasn’t noticed sooner, as Wilson and Pascarelli were both in charge of the food departments at the schools and were left to the task of counting up the cash at the end of the day, under no supervision. Between 2012-2017, Wilson stole $350,000, and Pascarelli stole around $127,000 by “taking large notes out of cash registers in between the lunch periods.” Many people have mentioned that it’s bad how neither of them were caught sooner, but it’s even worse how this shows how expensive school lunches have become over the years.

However, after the two turned themselves in, Marie Wilson stated that she is not guilty, and the only thing she could be guilty of, is giving away a cookie to someone who didn’t have any money. I mean, we get that lunch ladies don’t get paid enough, and perhaps this was their way of sticking their middle finger up to the school, but come on, stealing nearly half a million dollars definitely counts as guilty in my book.

Although, some people are absolutely loving this story of two innocent lunch ladies, turned into thieving criminals, with some saying that they want a biopic made about the two, whilst others asking if their jobs are still up for grabs, so that they can learn the way around the system and make a fortune…

The two sisters have now been released on a $50,000 bond, but they have since admitted that they also lied about how much money had been collected during lunch time and took the remainder to add onto their tainted cash fund. However, it’s not all bad news for the schools, as they have now been reimbursed the missing funds, and have also been taught a very important lesson that they don’t teach in schools.

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