Dog Accidentally Shoots Owner In Chest

Um... "whoops".

Those who support the second amendment say that you can have a gun and trust most of the populace to use it safely, something to which those who want stricter gun control laws say… have you seen most of the population!? It’s not enough that guns can be sold to all kinds of uhh.. unsavory types, but now dogs are joining in on the actions, wether they want to or not! What, you want to traumatize a dog! Because that’s what may have happened after a dog accidentally shot his 74 year old owner on a hunting trip in New Mexico.

Charlie is a very good dog, that much his owner, the recovering Tex Harold Gilligan, wants everyone to know as he saves his dog from being taken to a shelter. So what happened exactly? Well, the 120 lbs dog, according to ABC News, got his paw stuck in the gun’s trigger as the pair was heading towards a jack rabbit hunting trip.

The Doña Ana County Sheriff Spokeswoman Kelly Jameson told ABC News: “The gun was positioned in the truck with the barrel facing up, towards Mr. Gilligan. Apparently Mr. Gilligan … had placed his gun in the floorboard of the truck with the butt of the gun on the floorboard…The investigation is being handled as an accidental shooting,” Jameson told ABC News.

“It went through my ribs my lung and busted up my collarbone on the right side. I had a gaping hole, you know, and a lot of blood there too.” , Gilligan told ABC. Gilligan called 911 immediately after the incident, and recently made his way out of the intensive care unit. One thing important to Gilligan, that people know that Charlie is, again, a very good dog caught up in a bad situation!

“[Charlie] did not mean to do it. He’s a good dog.”, said Gilligan. He is a good dog. Folks, let’s try to be better about guns. If you insist on having them, just uhhh… make sure dogs can’t shoot you by accident, causing them a lot of dog trauma, all right?

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