Friend Pays Random Doctor To Congratulate Man On Losing His Virginity

Good job, Scott.

When you’re a virgin, losing your virginity feels like this impossible task that you have no idea how anyone ever achieves. Then, a few sex having sessions later you’re like “Well, this is not a big deal!”, and your virginity loss just quietly passes away into the distance as you kiss on up and many others throughout your long and storied kissing life. That is of course, unless one of your buddies pays some rando doctor on Fiverr to dab and congratulate your buddy on losing his virginity.

Heck yeah, weird teens are here to give your life some purpose! Whenever you feel sad about your life you can take a look at this video and remember that, hey– someone is excited about Scott losing his virginity. And that’s good for Scott.

Fiverr is of course the service where you can pay people a few bucks to do some ridiculous shtick! It’s also the service that initially got PewDiePie into trouble when he paid people abroad to unearth anti-Semitic messages back in 2017. So you know, if you’ve got to pay someone to do some ridiculous weird stuff, then go the absurdist route rather than the racist route.

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