Jamaican Resident Accepts Lottery Winnings

Jamaican resident N. Gray accepted her lottery winnings in a winking emoji mask to avoid showing her identity.

Very famously, the lives of lottery winners never end up quite as well as one would hope. Often it’s the fame and notoriety that comes with it. Your life all of a sudden begins to be filled with family members, long disappeared acquaintances, and all sorts of toxic elements trying to separate you from your money until there is truly nothing left. Therefore, when Jamaican citizen, known only as N. Gray, was called in to collect her one million dollars in lottery winnings, she came in an eye-catching way to protect her identity — a winking emoji mask. The result was kind of odd, and altogether surreal. Something belonging more to an 80’s Vertigo comic than in our flesh and blood universe.

N. Gray can be seen posing with the check on stage in front of the cameras, her face winking slyly, saying: “Just try and guess my identity” and “Please let me be this kind of weird story, and not of the tragic weird stories where a lottery winner runs out of money when family members they’ve have never heard of start coming out of the woodwork”!


Tragic lottery stories are widespread. Sharon Tirabassi won ten million dollars in Ontario in 2004 and was left broke when being asked for more handouts than should could have afforded. Billy Bob Harrell Jr., who won thirty-one million dollars in Texas in 1997, lost his fortune and before committing suicide, said that winning the lottery was the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.

So, for now, we’re just excited that N. Gray took some very extensive, and very surreal, precautions to protect herself from some of the tragedies that lottery winners often face. And she did… with a wink.

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