Plaque For Saddam Hussein Found on London Bench

Maybe it's a different Saddam Hussein?

Look. Everybody means something to someone, right? But what did Saddam Hussein mean to a specific populace in Wanstead, England? Who shed a tear over Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein? I don’t know, but someone certainly wants his remembered in some way. Londoner Victoria Richards snapped a photo of a plaque on a bench in England which payed homage to the late uhh… Saddam Hussein.

It said — “In Loving Memory of Saddam Hussein” with the years “1937 – 2006” following after. 1937 being of course the year the dictator was born and 2006 when he was hung by his own people following his grotesque crimes against humanity. Someone out there has a loving memory of him I guess.

The people of England, according to the BBC which originally reported on this weird as hell memorial, were shocked by the entire matter. The responses ranged from amused at the edgelordy joke, to disgust– especially from the Iraqi immigrants who fled his regime. So uhh… good joke, Edgelords, I guess.

As quoted from the BBC, Victoria’s comments on the matter were this –

“People have been very angry and upset, especially the Iraqi community. People have been saying it’s a sick joke. What was there before? Was it someone’s family plaque? Was it a prankster? What’s the message? Was it a frivolous, dark thing to do?”

Reaction on social media has been mixed. Some thought it was funny while others were shocked. Also, here’s a pun someone also made:

The plaque was since removed due to the fact that it honors a cold blooded murderer, but, as Boing Boing jokingly points out, what if this is all a misunderstanding. What if there’s just some other guy out there also named Saddam Hussein, born and dead on those days, and boy oh boy, can you imagine how upset his family must be right now??

What do you think of the plaque? Sick joke for sickies or good joke for good sickies? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.