Twitter Bot Shows You Who’s Buying #Drugs on #Venmo

Proving a #point about #privacy while breaking all our #privacy? I don't #know

I love Venmo as this weird kind off kilter social media landscape. Sure, on normal social media you write a joke, post a photo, show off your latest opinion, do whatever this is but on Venmo people can see the glue of all social going out interactions — footing the bill! Do you ever try to get that perfect Venmo joke? Or, more importantly, do you ever hit that worldwide button and then see the terror of EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION HAPPENING ON VENMO IN REAL TIME!? Why does that exist!? Why does Venmo even have a social media feed!? Why is privacy being treated as this dinosaur for naive old people!? That is the question at the heart of this otherwise goofy Twitter account — a Twitter bot that finds drug deals going over Venmo and just post ’em.

@VenmoDrugs is a bot that tries to zero in on illicit spending activity, but as a result it doesn’t always hit its target. The pill emoji, sex, and the words drug or speed all set off its internal censor. Then there’s the alcohol ones, and I don’t know if alcohol is illegal Mr. @VenmoDrugs, although I guess that’s part of the point. If we don’t want it put out there, we’ve got to set our Venmos to private.

At the same time, come on @VenmoDrugs! You’re trying to make a point about privacy while ruining everyone’s privacy. It’s like breaking into someone’s home to prove that you have to lock your door. It’s still very creepy. Also, I don’t know if any of these are drug deals!

See, it says ‘not drugs’!

What are you doing to me @VenmoDrugs. You point is made in your pinned Tweet, but I want to be entertained, all right? What do I have to do, label all the times I pay my friends for Thai food as “weed” or something? Get. Your. Act. Together.

Anyway, here’s the pinned Tweet. If #PlaneBae taught us anything, it’s that you’re not crazy for thinking privacy still matters. Privacy. Still. Matters!!! Weee!

What do you think of this Twitter account? Will you be more careful using the ever alluring pill emoji? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.