Twitter Will Lock Your Account If You Change Your Name To Elon Musk Now

Give it a try, it's fun!

Twitter will lock the account of anyone who changes their name to Elon Musk, and Twitter users are scratching their heads as to why. Give it a try. It’s fun!

It has been a few weeks since Elon Musk shocked the world with his latest innovation: calling a bona fide hero who rescued some actual kids a pedophile because he didn’t like his sub that didn’t rescue any kids at all. Since then, Musk and his tone deaf and puzzling Twitter personality has been endlessly mocked online, and most of all on Twitter. One Twitter account, @AlexQArbuckle, changed his handle to Italian Elon Musk and Tweeted out Tweets making fun of Elon Musk as a stereotypical Italian American with gems such as “I just a invent a new fruit, I call it a da “tomato”!! I come up a with this all by myself!! Ohhh disruptiano!!” which swiftly got scrubbed off Twitter. It was then replaced by French Elon Musk.

And other regions of Musk have joined in.

This led Twitter, at the influence of forces heretofore unknown, to lock the Twitter account of anyone who changes their name to Elon Musk!

The change is instantaneous. I know, because I tried to do it myself. You change your name to Elon Musk and immediately you have to prove you’re not a bot. Alllright then. Weird. And specific.

Twitter claims that this action is meant to protect against scammers and bots — especially scammers who try to cheat you out of your precious cryptocurrency. This does seem to fly in the face of, as @aprildaniels points out, all of Twitter’s other actions. Bots attempting to influence everyone from public opinion to just trying to sell you porn run amuck on the website — not to mention countless fake profiles of the president.

Although, once you prove you’re not a robot, it lets you keep the Elon Musk name. All of this seems like a subtle dance to prove Twitter is doing something about the unholy scourge of pretending to be Elon Musk online.

Of course, John McAfee and Bill Gates are also banned, so there’s some credit to this idea. Still the idea that Elon Musk was so mad at Italian Elon Musk that he banned all uses of his name. It’s both delicious and, given the kind of sensitivity that made him call a hero a pedophile… not the most unlikely, right?

Real Elon Musk, take a break from the internet. Yeesh. You still called the guy who rescued the kids a pedophile. Let people pretend you’re a French Chef or whatever.

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