VIDEO: Kid in China Rides Through X-Ray Conveyor Belt


Look. Is this fun? Like, if I was a kid would being a tiny skeleton on a screen be the funnest thing in all of history? The answer is clearly– yes. A child at the Xiaolan Railway Station in South China crawled into the security x-ray machine to show off his skeleton in a photogenic and terrifyingly dangerous way. Ahhh! Baby X-Ray skeleton! Just in time for Halloween though!

The state-owned China Global Television Network released a video of the entire affair, with an uneasy photo of the kid’s skeleton traveling through all those mighty rays. No word if they gave him any superpowers, or just resulted in a bit of insanity. You can see, in the video above, footage of the people running the x-rays freaked out at the sight of it, but I imagine if you work with a conveyor belt you’re just always looking for this kind of cartoon inspired insanity. Kids going through x-rays, animals traveling in suitcases, you know — the works.

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