VIDEO: This Butterfly’s Dead Leaf Camoflauge ILLUSION Will Amaze You

Flap flap, folks. Flap flap.

Animals can absolutely amaze us. Whether it’s an elephant’s sense of family, or how certain species mate for life, animals, as we show, have used the incredible intelligence of nature and proved it can be smarter than any machine and any human can hope to understand. Take for example, this video of a leaf. Why am I showing you a video of a leaf, a lone leaf? Well, keep glancing at it, you fool. You old buffoon. You clown, you absolute blithering idjit. Sorry, I got out of control. The video is of a butterfly hiding in camouflage. Just check it out.

Pretty great, right? You’ve got to admit, you were tricked, right? You thought you were watching a dead leaf, but there it is looking absolutely beautiful beyond all belief. And you thought you’ve seen it all. Well, I hope you can see now that the limits of your wisened mind are in fact limited by perception! I hope you now see that infinity is beyond your grasp and you must sweet from the finite to see as much of it as you imaginably can! The butterfly is but a forceful dream image, here to set both your limits and your anti-limits, i.e.- the breakable limits that when you smash through reveal an extra abattoir of forever-space where leaves are butterflies, butterflies are leaves, and all of nature breaks down beneath the hammer and key that is your very eyes.

You know, all good things to consider.

What about you, do you know how to transform into a leaf, or are you a normie when it comes to near perfect human to leaf transformation? (It’s okay, life is long and complicated, I understand). In any case, let us know literally anything in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.