Woman Who Wrote ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Charged with Murder of Husband


We know what you’re thinking, how did no one even think to check up on the lady, if she had written a whole entire PUBLISHED essay on how to murder your husband. Like, surely that’s a big warning sign? ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ was published nearly seven years ago, in 2011. The woman, named Nancy Crampton Brophy, wrote the essay, which was full of romance, mystery and of course, murder. Now, at 68-years-old, Crampton Brophy has been arrested for, you guessed it, the murder of her husband.

Romance-Thriller novels are no stranger to Nancy, as not only does she write essays, but she also has a few books published. She has written before about having the wrong husband and the wrong lover, in her book, ‘The Wrong Series’, which can be found on her website. However, with all of these cryptic book titles and descriptions, it is a wonder how nobody caught her sooner.

But then, on June 2 2018, Nancy became the real-life muse of her books and murdered her husband. Daniel Brophy was a chef instructor at the Oregon Culinary Institute and was shot dead by students enrolled at the school. However, the mastermind Nancy Crampton Brophy was behind the murder the whole time, and even though she tried to hide her tracks by writing a heartfelt post about her husband on Facebook, saying how much she is struggling right now, Crampton Brophy got caught, and was charged with unlawful use of weapon and murder.

Although this murder was so obviously going to happen at some point, people have pointed out on Twitter that she never wrote about how to get away with murder, only how to initially get the ball rolling and kill the guy….

Some people have said how this is the ultimate promotion tactic for her essay, which yeah, I guess it is, but I think there were a few other ways she could’ve gone about it first…

Of course, the last one was a joke, but in all seriousness, this lady is messed up. I’m still shocked as to how nobody noticed how suspicious it was all those years ago when she wrote the essay…

I don’t know, and I’m pretty sure nobody else does, but this story has freaked me out big time.

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