What REALLY Happened to Tammy Hembrow at Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party?!

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Instagram fitness model Tammy Hembrow opened up about what really happened at Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday party, and why she had to be carried out on a stretcher by paramedics.

You may have heard that Kylie Jenner just turned 21! She had a celebratory dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood before heading down the street for drinks at Delilah. Photos from the event were shared by Kylie and her sisters on social media. Kanye West, Blake Griffin, and other Kardashian-adjacent figures were there as well. But one of the most notable things that happened at the party took place before Kylie even arrived.

Media reports said an unknown woman, later identified as Hembrow, was removed from Delilah on a stretcher early in the evening. Hembrow is good friends with Khloe Kardashian, who hired the Australian model as an ambassador for her Good American denim brand. She said she probably shouldn’t have been drinking when she’d had so little sleep, but said she’d been given a clean bill of health and is fine.

She also said her recent split with fiancé Reece Hawkins could be to blame for some of the impulsive behavior. But while she admits that it wasn’t her proudest moment, she also takes aim at those who would seek to shame her online.

Yeah, we’ve all had a bad night, drank too much… but when you’re doing it with the Kardashians, it’s just more likely to become national news.

According to some sleuths on Twitter, the Kardashians have since unfollowed Hembrow on social media. But we think she’ll be okay. She still has 8.6 million followers on Instagram. And, despite what some of the trolls have been saying, the internet has been largely supportive.





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