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"Perfectly Splendid"

Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Haunting of the Hill House director Mike Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy have a thing for spooky season. Both series were released in October right on time for spooky season. 

For those who have seen The Haunting of Hill House, you will recognize some familiar faces in The Haunting of Bly Manor such as: 

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Victoria Pedretti as Dani Clayton

Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Peter Quint

Henry Thomas as Henry Wingrave

Katie Siegel as Viola

Carla Gugino who plays the narrator

If you were hoping for Bly Manor to be an extension to Hill House forget about it. There is no connection or story line to it. Not to mention, both series encounter a world of the same anthology. Both series are based on existing stories, Hill House was based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel with the same name and Bly Manor was based on The Turn of the Screw 1898 by Henry James. 


Are there any Hill House references in Bly Manor?

Although there is no connection to one another there are a few similarities. Some of the Crain family members played new characters in Bly Manor, again with no connection. Bly Manor did include familiar camera shots along with the same theme of ghosts creeping throughout the series. Overall, you do not need to watch Hill House before you watch Bly Manor in order to understand

What is Bly Manor about? (Warning: SPOILER ALERT)

Victoria Pedretti, who played the main character in Bly Manor as Dani Clayton takes the job as the nanny or as they say “au pair.” Dani is in charge of the two Wingrave children Miles and Flora, while Henry plays the wealthy uncle. Henry hired Dani as the au pair to look after the children since they lost their parents and Henry claims to be “too busy.” Once Dani arrives at Bly Manor she starts seeing spirits at the manor, but this was no surprise since she was already seeing the ghost of her late fiancé even before then. The question is why?

The staff at Bly Manor consists of a chef, Owen, a housekeeper, Hannah Grose, a gardener, Jamie, and the au pair. Previous to Dani, the children’s au pair was Rebecca Jessel. The children weren’t the only ones who loved Miss Jessel. Peter Quint, Mr. Wingrave’s assistant took a liking to Miss Jessel and later on became intimately involved.

One of the most important characters to know about and understand is Viola or “The Lady of the Lake,” as the children like to refer to. It is because of her that anyone who dies at the manor is trapped within the property FOREVER, or so it seems. 

Dani later observes unexpected behavior coming from the children and doesn’t understand why. It turns out that the spirits of Peter Quint and Rebecca Jessel attach themselves to the children but let’s leave some of the other mysteries for you to figure out.

Is The Haunting of Bly Manor scary?

Bly Manor is a series to add to your spooky list if you’re into thrillers and horror films/series. Will you be frightened? Hmm… there’s only one way to find out. 

One thing to note, is that there are various love stories embedded within the story of Bly Manor. For example, that of Miss Jessel and Peter Quint, Dani and Jamie, Hannah and Owen, and The Lady of the Lake.

People are obsessed with The Haunting of Bly Manor whether it’s for the fright…

 or the love story.

Director, Mike Flanagan, really knows how to keep his viewers engaged in his shows. It has been a changing experience for him.