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Check out this longtime coming quarantine project, a boat made entirely of White Claws! That’s one way to pass the time, here’s hoping the architect recycles the cans when he’s finished. No laws when drinking Claws, or a boat made of Claws.

Today we’re taking a look into an art project that put a smile on my face, a pirate ship for a dog made of White Claws! See, you can’t think of that scenario without smiling.

Over the past few months we have seen that quarantine has given the world some of the most creative projects ever, including this boat made entirely of White Claws, because, what else would you do with empty cans and a ton of free time?

The S.S. Clawdia set sail after three months, 273 cans of White Claw and 400 hot glue gun sticks, and the pup leading the ship looks like he couldn’t be happier beating the summer heat this way.

22 year-old Taylor Hancock had been drinking the beverage a lot during quarantine, and instead of throwing the empty cans away, he just kept them. Then, inspiration struck when he originally wanted to build a person out of the cans named Clawdia, but after the structure kept falling, the next best thing was a pirate ship of course.

Taylor posted a YouTube video of the final project and all of the work that he put into the project, and it is very impressive.

Taylor even tweeted a video of his masterpiece to White Claw and they got back to him! The beauty of the internet everyone

At the end of the YouTube video  comes the moment we all were waiting for, when Taylor hops on the boat, and things don’t go as swimmingly as planned.

So much so for good engineering. But anyway, we have seen some of the most creative projects come out of the woodwork during these last few months, and it has been fun to hop on the internet and see what everyone’s been up to

We had the person who built a squirrel picnic table in his backyard, people finding ways to socialize while maintaining distance, others building things for their pets, and even people putting together an outdoor concert for their neighbors.

In light of all of the confusion and craziness going on in the world, the quarantine creations we’ve seen people put together to ward off boredom have been something to keep us all hopeful.

With this story though, we’re very impressed with this use of time and it’s got us thinking about building our own White Claw contraption. What do you think we should make? And hey, it would give us an excuse to try every flavor!