White Woman Calls Police On Black Man For Wearing Socks in Pool

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First there was BBQ Becky. Then there was Permit Patty. Then there was IDAdam, Pool Patrol Paula, Lawnmower Linda, Parking Spot Penny, Coffee Bean Candace, Walmart Wendy, Almond Farm Amanda, Produce Aisle Peggy, Disneyland Dana, and Laundromat Leia…. and now we have Public Pool Wardrobe Narc Erica? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


A white woman called the police on a black man at a community pool…because he was wearing socks in the pool.

Camry Porter was at the pool with her two godsons and her boyfriend Kevin Yates, and this is the pool at the apartment complex where she lives. A woman who identified herself as the property manager approached and asked him to remove his socks, saying they were not “proper pool attire.”

When he refused to do so, she called the police.

The woman making the phone call to the police, identified as Erica Walker, said that hats, shirts and socks were not allowed in the pool. But Porter identified several other people in the pool wearing those items who were not being harassed. Now, according to Erica Walker, the issue is that the socks were submerged in the pool, not that they were simply being worn.

So had the guy in the hat dunked his head underwater, she apparently would have called the police on him as well. Yates, Porter, and her godsons left the pool after the police arrived, so there was no further incident. But– Kam Porter’s video has now been viewed over 1 million times, and Erica Walker is the latest white woman to have her life changed after racially profiling black people in a public place.


Riverset Apartments confirmed that she has been terminated as property manager.

Upon learning of Walker’s firing, Porter said: “We all have bills. I’m not going to cheer and throw a party that Ms. Erica was fired.” But, she added, “there should have been some consequences.”

The 4th of July was a particularly busy time for white people calling the police on black people at the pool. Adam Bloom, dubbed ID Adam, called the police after resident Jasmine Edwards refused to show him her ID proving she lived in the neighborhood.

Bloom was fired from his job at Sonoco after that video went viral. There’s been a whole host of these videos over the last few months, but we really should realize that this has been going on in America for a looooong time.

It’s only now, that we all have cameras in our pockets, that these aggressions can be detailed and shared online. So, at some point, aren’t some of these white people going to think twice about calling the police? Even if they think they’re completely in the right, they’ll hold off on dialing 911 just to protect themselves from being publicly shamed, right?



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