I don't know about you, but this makes me really want fried chicken.

This morning we woke up to ‘Jentucky Fried Chicken’ trending on Twitter. Normal, right? Well no actually, most of us were left scratching our heads and suddenly really craving KFC.

So where did it all start? 

It all started with an old Reddit thread joking about what runs through your mind when you see the abbreviation “jfc.”

But that thread happened two years ago…why is it trending today?

Apparently it’s because Twitter got rid of a bunch of top trending tweets because they were racist. These tweets were primarily Trump supporters attacking Kamala Harris. And as a result of the major tweet swipe, the new top trending tweets became those with the next highest amount of traffic and THAT’S how we got to talking about Jentucky Fried Chicken today.

Pretty crazy. But what’s more amusing is how people have been reacting to Jentucky Fried Chicken trending on Twitter.

For one, tweets about this woman’s outfit are making its rounds. Twitter has unofficially dubbed her as “Jen.”

Others joked about the possibility of a woman named Jen buying out KFC.

Speaking of Colonel Sanders…

To capitalize on the joke, Kentucky Fried Chicken CHANGED THEIR TWITTER HANDLE to “Jentucky Fried Chicken.”

And of course, whenever KFC is trending, everyone is always reminded of how they are literally only following 11 people; six Herbs and the five Spice Girls. We have to hand it to their social media team, they’re always on their game.

But anyway, back to Jentucky Fried Chicken. Obviously we are all wondering what that poor person who started this must be thinking right now.

And lastly, we can’t neglect to point out that a lot of people genuinely thought Jentucky Fried Chicken was trending because our President was tweeting about it. I don’t know what it says about our country…

But at the end of the day, some people just don’t even care anymore.

The consensus seems to be that yes, this is pretty stupid, but it’s also been super entertaining. Hopefully you enjoyed investigating this as much as we did and it’s given you a little break from this week’s anxiety.