Terry Crews, himself a survivor of sexual assault, spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to advocate for the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights. In a since-deleted Instagram post, 50 Cent only mocked him.

We don’t know what 50 Cent was thinking in these Instagrams aimed at Terry Crews, but it probably wasn’t much.

Terry Crews spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to advocate for the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights.

Crews recalled his mother being abused at the hands of his father, his porn addiction, and ultimately, how he was a victim of sexual assault in 2016. Crews first came forward with his story in October 2017, in the wake of the revelations that studio executive Harvey Weinstein had been a serial abuser.

Though his alleged assailant, WME agent Adam Venit, was not charged with a felony because, according to the DA’s office, Venit “did not make contact with the victim’s skin when he grabbed the victim’s genitals and there is no restraint involved.” The statute of limitations for a misdemeanor is one year, and the incident took place in 2016.

Crews has been a vocal champion for sexual assault survivors since coming forward about his experience, which makes it especially odd that 50 Cent would take the opportunity to go at him.

In a since-deleted Instagram, 50 Cent posted a picture of a shirtless Crews with the caption “I got raped. My wife just watched.” and another photo of Crews with a rose in his mouth and the caption “Gym time.” 50 wrote: “LOL What the fuck is going on out here man? Terry: “I froze in fear.” They would have had to take me to jail.”

He ended with his Instagram catchphrase, “Get the strap.”

The insinuation from 50 Cent is that, since Terry Crews is such a big, strong guy, he should have been able to stop Venit from grabbing his crotch. But that take fundamentally ignores the power dynamics that so often play a role in sexual assault.

Feeling the heat and commenters telling him “you disgust me” and “I thought you were better than this,” 50 Cent deleted the Instagram.

Before the deletion, though, fans also noticed a Crying Laughing Emoji commented by producer, author, and guy accused of multiple counts of rape Russell Simmons. 50 Cent followed the deletion with a post of himself sleeping on the couch and the caption: “This is me recovering from having my sense of humor removed this morning. People are so sensitive, my doctor said l will be fine in six weeks, but my publicist said if you see any journalist play DEAD.”

So, he’s basically admitting that he removed the Instagram because he was being called out, but still thinks everyone is being too sensitive.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that during his testimony, Senator Dianne Feinstein asked Crews why he didn’t “use his considerable strength” to fight back. He responded that as a black man in America, one false move could take away everything he’d accomplished in his career, and Crews’ wife, Rebecca King-Crews, confirmed as much on a Dr. Phil interview.

So, it would behoove 50 Cent to maintain a little perspective about the realities of the prospect of power before he starts making light of such things. When TMZ caught up with Terry Crews to ask him about 50 Cent’s thoughts, the actor was all class.


But hey, 50 Cent is nothing if not consistent. He’s had his share of troubles lately. He was sued for sharing a revenge porn clip on his Instagram of Love and Hip Hop star Teairra Mari. But when news of that lawsuit happened, he laughed it off on Instagram, writing: “l have a unscripted show idea Thats gonna blow you away, now that I’m being pulled into a reality show’s story line. LOL.”

Which is all to say, we’ve got more than a bit of evidence that 50 Cent doesn’t always take sexual violence that seriously.

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