Woman Finds Photo of Herself With 10 Year Old Blake Lively At Spice Girls Concert

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Before all these celebrities were famous, they were just going about their business just as you and me. Simply players in the eternal game we like to call life, or if you’re a celebrity — pre fame. You do the things all of us do as kids, go to movies, theme parks, school and concerts. Even if you’re oh, say, I don’t know, just thinking out loud here — Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively! That was the case when Twitter user Bria Madrid (@BriaMadrid) found a photo of herself at a Spice Girls concert when she was a kid, posing in a photo with a ten year old girl dressed as Baby Spice, only to realize the girl was– was– WAS– a ten year old Blake Lively!? Gasp gasp gasp!

Imagine meeting a superstar like this when you were a kid! She wasn’t yet Gossip Girl, just a girl spreading gossip! Not yet star of “The Town”, just a girl who needs her parent’s permission to explore the town! Let’s see what other roles did she have? Oh! She went from traveling to ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’!

Blake Lively herself responded to the photo saying, “The secret is out”, because this is the kind of secret you have when you’re a celebrity. That you were a normal once. It’s nice.

Blake Lively even referenced the photo on her Instagram, saying:


Ah, the oldest trick in the book: pretending to be Baby Spice as a child. Way to go, Blake Lively, adding some cool mischievousness to the entire thing instead of the awful truth: this is Blake Lively’s first role! She went from “Wannabe” to… Be!? Yes, I think that’s a good one.


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