Woman labeled ‘Taser Karen’ after Spouting Racist Comments Towards Black Neighbor

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The ‘Karens’ of suburbia are striking again. This time the unnecessary scene was in Discovery Bay, California. This Karen finds herself blaming her black neighbor for not “acting white.”

On November 16th, one of the victims, Jariell, released a series of clips of the event that have since gone viral. The clips show an unmasked older woman terrorizing her Black neighbors with a taser in one hand, and a poodle in the other. ‘Taser Karen’ tells Jariell’s brother that she doesn’t want to see their pitbull outside anymore, and when he refuses to concede to her ludicrous demand, she lashes out and accuses him of not acting “white.”

Just watch the clip of the scene for yourself:

After hearing the loud arguments coming from outside of the house, Jariell decided to enter the scene.

The Discovery Bay ‘Karen’ continues to allege the black neighbors’ pitbull of attacking her poodle. Jariell’s brother then exposes the woman’s thin lie saying “he didn’t attack your dog. I have it on camera.” Even after that, the frustrated ‘Karen’ continues onto make further racist remarks. And luckily for Jariell and her brother, she has the proof on video of every word.


Jariell released the security footage outside the house of the alleged “pitbull attack.” SPOILER ALERT: the Pitbull is not even outside to begin with. 

 The delusional Karen leaves briefly before returning back for a third round of berating Jariell and her brother. She harasses her neighbors further by saying “You’re gonna go to hell, because I’m going to sue the hell out of you”.

Twitter Reaction

Many people on the Internet speculate Karen of being mentally ill. Here are some of their reactions.

Frankie took to Twitter to say “I live super close to you guys. You see how nice we are? We try to reason with people like this all the time & they just keep pushing. This is crazy. She literally did all of this for no reason….She’s gonna walk up on the wrong porch one day.”


Derek tweets “Just know, there are sane white people, working to get the message across to others. And though it slow, with one step forwards and two back on occasion, on the broad strokes: I don’t feel so much like a lone voice in the wilderness these days as I once did”

 Finally this confused user tweets “I find it so fascinating how they make up stories and stick to it even if everything has been recorded. Like ma’am, are You normal?”

Moral of the Story

We’ve seen them in courtrooms, fast food chains and now right outside of someone else’s home. Is it that hard to mind your own business and not be racist? For the Karens and Kevins of the world, it seems to be an ongoing internal struggle. All we want for Christmas this year is for them to be respectful and put their masks over their noses. We are sure there will be many more of these types of incidences in the coming months, and want to remind you all to stay safe out there this Holiday season!

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