A Woman Calls The Police On Taco Bell Employees Because They Ran Out Of Nacho Fries

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In a now viral TikTok, a women is shown calling the cops allegedly because the Taco Bell she’s ordering from doesn’t have Nacho Fries.


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TikTok user @pjmossell posted a video on Tuesday showing the altercation. In the video we unfortunately don’t get to see how the situation started, but we do see the women on the phone with the police. We can audibly hear her tell the police that the employees are “teenyboppers,” which can be seen as a disrespectful jab to the employees’ age.

You can hear an employee off-camera trying to reason with the women and talking to her daughter while the person filming is laughing in the background.

“How old are you? Does she talk to you like that?” the off-camera employee asks the teenage daughter. This question escalates the situation, making the mother more angry. “Don’t address my daughter,” she harshly says multiple times.

Many people expressed their sympathy towards the daughter in the comments, worried about her mental health. During the entire video you can see the teenager standing by her mom, expressionless.

“You can see the emotional damage in that little girl’s face you can tell it’s not the first time she’s witnessed something like this from her mom,” a user commented.


“Her daughter is no longer fazed to these antics and just numb. You can see it in her eyes,” another user said. Multiple people agreed that the women should be arrested for calling 911 for a nonemergency issue.

Others argued in the comments that the employees could’ve done a better job to handle the problem. Some suggested that they should’ve ignored the women as she acted out and went on to serve other customers.

Although we don’t know how the altercation ended, it’s probably safe to say that she didn’t get Nacho Fries before she left.



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