But what do the rest of us do?

On Wednesday, February 17, in Orange County, Florida, two women ages 34 years-old and 44 years-old, dressed as if they were elderly in order to receive the extremely coveted COVID-19 vaccine. The two women were successful in their attempt to get the first does of the vaccine, however, in their attempt to receive the second dose the Orange County Convention Center workers caught on to their “costumes” and realized that the date of birth on their cards do not match their names. Although, both women had the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention card, which indicates they received the first dose.

This incident is not the first that occurs, there was a situation that occurred in the same Orange County, Florida location where a man who has the same name as his elderly father tried to trick healthcare workers. Since the situation there has been heightened security.  The issue was caught on the body camera footage that the Sheriffs office released on Friday, February 19.

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Body Camera Footage 

Within the footage, the police officer is heard telling the women how “selfish” they were for acting like elderly ladies in order to receive the vaccine when it was not their turn. One of the deputies said, “You’ve stolen the vaccine from someone who needs it more than you.” And then proceeded to tell the women that they will not be receiving the second dose and that they wasted their own time.

Towards the end of the video, the deputies warned the women that they will be arrested if they returned to the vaccine site and that they are lucky to leave. The women quickly apologized and said they understood.

Response From Twitter

People are giving mixed messages. Some are saying that they think these women should be imprisoned and/or fined for their level of “selfishness” and this situation should be counted as stealing.

Other comments say that the vaccination site and the deputies dealing with the situation should have just allowed the two women to get the second does of the vaccine since they already received the first dose and in order not to waste any doses administered. However, along with taking it these comments also say that the women should actually do community service or pay a fine.

Some of the comments are actually blaming the government and/or coronavirus vaccination sites for the lack of administering vaccines, saying that it is crazy what  some people are doing just to get vaccinated.

High Demand For COVID-19 Vaccine

According to the COVID Data Tracker site, over 75 million vaccines have been delivered and little over 63 million people are vaccinated. On average, 1.7 million people get vaccinated each day and 11 million doses are being allocated to states each week. Most governors are saying that they are going through allocated supplies quickly.

On Thursday, February 14, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, said that they have gone through 90% of their supply since opening vaccines to those with chronic illnesses. Some vaccination sites in the U.S. are running through their supplies even quicker receiving anywhere from 16,000-58,000 doses a week, which can be used in a single day.

Because of the extremely high demand of vaccinations and not enough doses distributed, pharmacies and vaccination sites are running out faster and faster, which is why some people, like the women in Orange County, are trying to sneak their way in to get vaccinated.

When Will Everyone Be Vaccinated

President Joe Biden said that by they end of July “every American who wants the coronavirus vaccine should be vaccinated.” However, at the current rate there is a much higher demand and an even lower supply.

Doctor Fauci told “Pod Save America” that it may take until May or early June before priority groups are completely vaccinated. The Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices suggests that as supply increases, those administering the vaccine continue to focus on high-risk groups first. This includes people with health risks, those above the age of 65, healthcare workers and essential workers.

Biden said that by the end of May, the U.S. should have about 400 million doses, whereas, Doctor Fauci says that by the end of July there should be about 600 million doses which means that everyone in the U.S. will be able to get vaccinated.

However, just because there will be enough doses to vaccinate everyone, it does not mean that everyone will receive it right away. It will take several months before everyone will be able to set a vaccination appointment.