Twitter Upset After The Tiger Woods Car Crash Ruling Golfer Was Driving Over 40 MPH Speed Limit

Twitter complains about the double standards celebrities benefit from when they are caught comitting crimes.
By Caleb Hurley

Social Media blew up after Tiger Woods’s car crash but not for the reasons most would think. Woods’s crash was the product of the master golfer driving 40 mph over the speed limit.

“The primary causal factor for this traffic collision was driving at a speed unsafe for the road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the roadway,” Sheriff’s Capt. James Powers said in a news conference.

When the car crashed, it reportedly flipped due to Woods’s speed/ The police, however, did not even give Woods a ticket, despite the danger the crash could have posed to pedestrians and other drivers alike. This turned what might have been well-wishes and cries of admiration for the golfer into crowds of people social discussing the double standards between how regular experience the law compared to celebrities. The trend was especially noticeable on Twitter, where people were particularly vocal about the issue. Much of the discussion focused on how dangerous the accident actually was and that if a normal person would be arrested and ticketed for these actions then so should Woods.

The incident overshadowed the 20th anniversary of the golfer winning the masters and completing the “Tiger Slam.” As media giants like ESPN brought up Woods’s abilities, people across social media continue to discuss Wood’s problems after the 2001 championship.

Since that time, Woods has found himself embroiled in other controversies including a messy divorce and other car crashes. Many replying to posts about the anniversary not only brought up the newest addition to the golfer’s roster of controversies but also revisited some past ones.

In addition, many of the vocalists moved to Woods’s Twitter post regarding the incident, where they continued discussion, attempting to bait Woods to make some type of response to their complaints.

Woods has remained silent on the complaints so far.