YES! Cardi B Releases New Video, ‘I Like It’

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Look, we here at What’s Trending HQ are big fans of our favorite up and coming artist (and weird sound creator), Cardi B. Cardi B, along with Bad Bunny and J Balvin, finally released the video for the song ‘I Like It’ off of Cardi B’s debut album, ‘Invasion of Privacy’. Cardi B’s music is fantastic, but just like the time she hosted the Tonight Show, it’s Cardi B’s personality that carries her forward. Watching the video, it’s mind-melting just how much Cardi’s personality improves an already very fun song. That and all those dresses are looking great. You go, Cardi!

On the song, she’s joined by up and coming Puerto Rican artist, Bad Bunny, and just when you think that was all our good friend Cardi B had in store, outcomes J Balvin to continue the song. Cardi B’s incredible onslaught of charm, weirdness and overall great music on our culture continues, with this track being just one of several to get press from ‘Invasion of Privacy’. Cardi B’s track, ‘She Bad’ also made the news due to a lyric implying Cardi B wanted to have a threesome with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen.

And, as you can imagine, that lyric that got Chrissy Teigen to drop her biscuits!


Besides Cardi B’s music, you can also read about the time Bernie Sanders called her out for being extremely right about social security, or about the time she hung out with Barack Obama’s daughter, Sasha. Also, check out this cut someone made of Cardi B’s sound effects in Star Wars. As you can see, there’s Plenty of Cardi B based content to go around.

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