Ducky The Yorkie Captures The Attention of Millions After Dressing Up as Harry Styles

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Harry Styles and Ducky the Yorkie
Christine Hsu and "Watermelon Sugar" music video

It looks like there’s a new dog in town and he’s fitting every aesthetic that social media has fallen in love with recently.

Ducky, an 8-year-old Yorkie, now has more than one million followers across Instagram and Tiktok. This dog is more than just adorable, it’s also an international sensation. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see the dog version of Harry Styles, Ducky and his owner and influencer Christine Hsu have you covered. This Yorkie has never been afraid of the camera and will not say no to a photo-op. It looks like the paparazzi may have a new prospect to seek out because Ducky is ready for his close-up.

To date, Ducky has taken on the celebrity and fictional character transformations of David Dobrik, Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse amongst several others. Both Ducky and his transformations have shocked the internet and captivated the attention of millions worldwide. 

And the story behind Ducky and this concept is quite inspiring. Hsu, the dog’s owner, found out that he needed to be rescued. She was searching for dogs in need of a new home after moving to California from Nebraska back in 2013. As anyone would feel, Hsu missed her dog at home and wanted a companion in her brand new city and new home of Los Angeles.


Ducky has been on a journey with Christine Hsu for over seven years now. His costumes and transformations have ranged from adorable to impressively creative. Currently, Ducky and the productions of Hsu have managed to draw in an audience over one million followers across social media platforms. And the ideas just keep getting better. 

Recently, Ducky’s transformation into Harry Styles for a “Watermelon Sugar” music video remake went viral. The video has now been viewed nearly 3 million times.

A dog dressed up as Harry Styles is not something you see every day or something you’re going to want to scroll past on your feed. It’s unique, creative and hysterical all at the same time. This adorable pup has been shared countless times across Instagram and Tiktok specifically and continues to gain more of a fanbase with every new post. 

The Yorkie’s Instagram has also caught the attention of celebrities such as David Dobrik. After several fans decided to tag him in the pup’s transformation, Dobrik replied to the photo by saying: “Oh my god…what a cutie.” 

Ducky the Yorkie
Photo Credit: Christine Hsu

Hsu first decided to create Ducky his own Instagram page when he was four-years-old and his social media presence has been strong ever since. Fans often request certain outfits or props for his next photo series. However, Christine Hsu has explained that capturing these images goes way beyond a creative idea and concept. 


In fact, Hsu spends a bunch of her time ordering items and pieces of outfits online to prep in advance for the next photoshoot. She also sometimes has costumes custom-made for Ducky. And despite the duo’s popularity, Hsu still makes sure to take into account what the fans want to see next. She even shares behind-the-scenes footage on social media to show the process of dressing up her dog and how she prepares his outfits.

Most dogs have trouble staying still for a simple photo. Ducky loves to get dressed, pose and take multiple snapshots for the gram. He stays completely frozen and even looks as though he’s invested in how the photos turn out. 

Some social media users believe that Ducky is actually a mix between several breeds and not just a Yorkie. Hsu believes that he is mixed with a maltese and maybe another breed as well. 

Photo Credit: Christine Hsu

But if one thing is certain, this is the dog that everyone is talking about at the moment. Ducky’s version and remake of “Watermelon Sugar” has been labeled as both iconic and adorable by fans. In the future, many are hoping that he will dress up as other big celebrities such as Billie Eilish, which Hsu has teased in the past, and even Lady Gaga. 

The comments and requests under Ducky’s Instagram page alone are endless. It seems as though everyone has a celebrity they want to see Ducky transform into in order to receive another iconic photo series. And with Hsu’s creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Who should Ducky dress up as next? Our vote is Billie Eilish right now. 

Featured image by Christine Hsu and captured from the “Watermelon Sugar” music video.

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