You Can Now Tag A Shark As An NFT For Ocean Conservation

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It is Earth Day, but it is also 2021, which means that we are constantly discovering and innovating new ways to protect out planet and reverse our damage. While some people are switching to reusable straws and sustainable brands, a non-profit, Beneath The Waves, is changing the game. Beneath The Waves has become the first conservation program to use NFTs in an effort to save our oceans.

The non-profit shared their new launch in Times Square, where they started a huge buzz.

The Low-down NFTs

Before we get any further, you are probably wondering, ‘what the heck is an NFT?’ Don’t worry, I had no clue either.  An NFT is a “non-fungible token.” What that means is that it is one of a kind. A bitcoin is a fungible token because it can be traded and replaced, however when something is non-fungible, it is an original piece. Quite like physical art collecting, when you buy an NFT, you receive ownership over the piece and unless you sell that ownership, no-one else has the ability to buy it from you.

Thousands Raised For Conservation

The organization has raised over seventy-thousand dollars in less than 48 hours. Turns out a lot of people want the opportunity to name a shark. Who wouldn’t right? The website to purchase the NFTs, gives buyers the ability to purchase the type of shark and tag you want. The prices range from $1,000-10,000 depending on your choice.

According to the site, “Purchaser will name the shark and receive updates on when and where the shark tag was deployed.” Some sharks even have a camera tag where the buyer can watch their purchased shark for 48 hours. Other tags include ‘satellite tags’ which gives the buyer the ability to track the shark for up to 180 days. How cool is that?

Each of the 68 NFTs are unique to the buyers and cannot be purchased twice.


The money from these NFTs goes directly to the research the tagged sharks are being used for, making this experience not only cool, but a major part of helping conserve our oceans. Should you choose to purchase an NFT from Beneath The Waves, what would you name it?What did you do for Earth Day? Let us know in the comments.

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