YouPorn Has Also Banned Alex Jones

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Following his ban from Facebook, Apple Podcasts, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify and everything it seems except Twitter, Alex Jones is desperate to find a social media outlet (outside of his website) to call home. The man who led his followers to harass countless survivors of shootings, most famously those of Sandy Hook, feels he is being unfairly targeted. Well, if Alex Jones thinks he’s going to just casually stroll along to some other video streaming service, he can stop right there, because amateur porn video hosting website YouPorn is not having it! YouPorn has pre-emptively banned Alex Jones!

That’s right, YouPorn has banned Alex Jones! If you want to hear conspiracy theories in between masturbating to hardcore pornography, buddy, you’re going to have to go to some other, more lax porn site! Said YouPorn Vice President Charlie Hughes in a statement:

“Following news that YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify have banned Alex Jones from their platforms, team YouPorn is joining in solidarity and announces we are banning his content as well…As one of the largest user generated content platforms in the world, we have already removed his videos that have violated our terms of service. As an inclusive platform, hate has no place on YouPorn.”

Now the move is clearly a PR stunt. Alex Jones did not really have a platform on YouPorn, and the videos were removed were uploads from users making fun of him.

Now, far right YouTubers moving to porn sites is not unheard of. Following a series of restrictions on videos heavily featuring guns, a lot of the channels that once called YouTube their home moved to PornHub. Now, of course, Alex Jones could absolutely move to PornHub which — as one Twitterer pointed out — already has an unofficial home on the website just through uploaders putting up his videos with titles that hint at erotic ne’er do wellery.


Alex Jones’ presence on mainstream websites was a problem that has finally been taken care of. Fake news has been an issue in the 2016 election, and now, and Alex Jones was not only a propagator of it, he encouraged his listeners to harass people, often throwing the innocent lives of the mourning into chaos in order to make money. Now, your most porn watching relatives… their fake news diet has just gotten… a little leaner.

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