Over the past couple of weeks, YouTuber Shaun has relentlessly forced the platform to pay attention to his complaints.

YouTube is a lot of things, but one thing it hasn’t been known for recently is its timely and earnest replies to users with concerns and criticisms.

That’s where Shaun, a YouTube essayist whose Twitter handle is shaun_jen, came in.

Shaun, like many people, was bothered by YouTube’s lack of response to Steven Crowder’s harassment of Vox journalist Carlos Maza (which we cover in detail here).

So, over the past couple of weeks, Shaun has relentlessly forced YouTube to pay attention to his complaints – by pretending to ask for customer support!

Although he’d previously failed to get their attention by addressing his criticism directly, Shaun finally got a response from @TeamYouTube:

And the creator wasted no time, putting his real point on full blast:

YouTube never replied, but thousands of people now knew for a fact that they saw Shaun’s complaint, which is probably all the guy wanted to accomplish.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Just a few days ago, Shaun pulled the same trick again. 

And Team YouTube fell for the ruse a second time:

Once again, YouTube seemed strangely unable to see this latest reply, just minutes later.

Shaun’s fans absolutely love the stunt, and clearly want to see how many times he can get away with it before YouTube stops responding to him entirely.

Some followers pointed out the absurdity of how far some people have had to go to come close to getting their criticisms addressed:

Shaun, for his part, said this wasn’t intended to be a stunt; he honestly, genuinely had run out of ideas for getting through to the YouTube administrators.

Shaun’s YouTube channel has less than 300k subscribers, which makes sense when you know he’s a dedicated political channel, putting out long and thoughtful video essays every other month or so.

Despite being firmly in his niche, though, Shaun has a lot of supporters across the more liberal parts of Twitter and YouTube. You can see more of his posts here.

What do you think of Shaun’s methods? Is he doing any good by baiting YouTube this way, or will it backfire?

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