Family Vlogger Chris Ingham of YouTube stars “The Ingham Family” has been accused by a 16-year-old girl of attempting to meet up with her in the middle of the night at Disneyworld, and encouraging her and other girls to go skinny dipping with him.

YouTuber Chris Ingham has been accused by a 16-year-old fan of attempting to hook up with her while her and her family were on a trip to Disney World.

Chris Ingham, his wife Sarah and their children Isabelle, Esmé and Isla, post daily vlogs to YouTube. Their channel, The Ingham Family, has over one million subscribers. In October 2017, the family took a trip to Disney World, which was widely publicized on their channel.

The family met up with fans who recognized them and posted photos with them to their social media.

One of those fans, a 16-year-old girl named Jess, is now claiming that Chris Ingham messaged her repeatedly during that trip, asking her to meet up in the middle of the night and to go skinny dipping. On the night that photo was taken and posted to the Ingham Family’s Twitter, Jess replied “It was amazing meeting you guys. Thank you.” Jess says she had reached out to the Inghams initially, recognizing that they’d be at Disney World at the same time and hoping she could get a photo.

But in a tweet posted on July 2, Jess now says that Chris Ingham asked her to sneak out of her room to walk with him in the middle of the night, and said he wished he had seen her message earlier so they could have “hooked up.” When Jess would say “Hey, let’s meet up around 8:00,” he’d ignore her, and then message her again after midnight.

She said this whole thing made her feel unsafe on her vacation, and after showing the DMs to her friends, they assured her that she wasn’t overreacting.

She said she deleted the DMs, since they made her uncomfortable, but she saved the emails letting her know that she was getting messages on Twitter from Chris. Jess has since posted screenshots from other girls who say they received similar messages from Chris, and even one who admits to sleeping with him. That girl shared a long message she received from Chris where he references an agreement she signed not to talk about how they slept together.

One series of messages sent to Jess says she was at Disney World during that same week and also received messages about going skinny dipping. Jess spoke over the phone to Keemstar, reiterating many of her claims and emphasizing how the conversation would turn back to Jess’s appearance and to meeting up in the middle of the night.

Chris Ingham released a statement to Twitter, denying the accusations. He wrote: “We are all very hurt and deeply upset by these cynical attempts to damage Chris’ reputation and will take whatever steps are necessary to preserve Chris’ good name. We are taking action and can’t comment further at this time.”

He says the family has also canceled an appearance at UK online video festival Summer in the City. The family hasn’t released any other statement about the matter, though Sarah Ingram has blocked all of the accusers on Twitter.

She also posted a brief video on the family’s YouTube channel, apologizing for not posting anything on July 4, the first day they’ve failed to post a daily vlog in two years. But the apology was pretty vague, blaming only “family matters” for the inability to post a video.

The Random Explorer commented on Keemstar’s video: “What really gets me about the whole situation is that his wife has been going around blocking anyone who disagrees or makes any negative comment about it? when the girl’s he’s preying on are not much older than his own three daughters? her being ignorant is just putting her own daughters safety at risk.”

Lily Melrose tweeted: “What I find so crazy about the Chris Ingham thing is that so many young girls don’t see how wildly inappropriate it is that an adult with two children would want to talk to them privately?”

But there are fans who are still defending Chris.

One fan on Twitter thinks Chris may have been hacked, or the accusers made the stories up and photoshopped the screenshots to make it appear as if Chris messaged them, and fan Deborah Basharat agrees, saying “fake messages are easy to be concocted.”

Of course, if Chris’s account had been hacked, you’d think his denial would have maybe mentioned that…

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