YouTuber Darren Knight Bombs, Then Gets Weird, At Just For Laughs Festival

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Every comedian bombs, but can you imagine bombing so bad and being such a dick about it that it makes the news? Well, that’s exactly what happened to YouTuber Darren Knight. Darren Knight, best known for playing the character, “Souther Momma”, made Variety’s Comics to Watch list. The list included such accomplished stand ups as Big Mouth writers Joel Kim, The Daily Show’s Dulce Sloane, Amanda Seales, American Vandals’s Jakoubie Young-White, SNL’s Julio Torres and countless others incredible talents. Darren Knight’s appearance on the list was already a bit of a head scratcher, and then his stand up set sealed the deal in terms of us not knowing why he was there to begin with.

Amanda Seales captures the incredible finale to his set on her Instagram, that ended with Knight yelling that comedy should be about making people laugh, not about talking about racism and sexism. Darren Knight was one of the few straight white male comedian on the showcase.

Seales’ caption on the video discusses the importance of comedy to bring about and discuss social issues, which anyone who has listened to stories of Lenny Bruce, the interviews on WTF with Marc Maron and literally any open miccer try to explain why what they do is actually extremely important. The event ended with the hosts — Saturday Night Live’s Chris Redd — chewing out Knight who apparently even forgot the name of the comedy festival he was on (Just For Laughs! It’s kind of massive!).

The altercation ended with Knight walking away from Redd after Redd said “You sat there and bombed the whole time, and decide what comedy is?” The internet is shocked by just how… weird this all was. And it was weird. It was very very weird. Here are some thoughts from comics who were there, and those not.


Precious!? What is this guy’s deal. Ugh.

Anyway, let us now end this entry, by forever remembering the tale… the tale of the YouTube comic so bad he got booed off the stage in Canada and everyone made fun of him.

The. End.

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