YouTuber Fakes Shooting at Disney World For Video

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We’ve covered huge YouTubers making crass, disgusting attempts to gain views often at the expense of good taste with stories such as “Logan Paul Shocks Rat”, “Logan Paul Video Tapes Corpse” and “Guy Who Isn’t Logan Paul And Is Named ReSet Feeds Homeless Person Oreos with Toothpaste“. Now, be prepared for another one of our new favorite genre of story — A YouTuber Who Isn’t Completely Sure What Boundaries Are, But Really Ought To Know By Now!

This story is about Dillon Burch, an Arizona man who went to a Disney World Resort and told patrons about a fake active shooter situation in order to record their reactions. Cool.

Dillon Burch, who residents claims was intoxicated at the time, would run up to patrons at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, shortly after midnight, telling them they had to evacuate because of an active shooter. Burch then told people he was joking in order to see what their reactions were. My guess? Not very good. When approached by a hotel official he told them he was doing it for a school project.

Burch promised to leave, but when he walked out and saw flashing police lights, he hid. Burch was eventually arrested after being found hidden in some bushes. Burch is currently out on bond, but the damage he did was apparent. One mother tweeted about receiving a sobering text from her son regarding an active shooter situation only to discover that it was indeed untrue.

Burch has been charged with disturbing the peace and faces three days in jail.

Stories about YouTubers doing unspeakably tone deaf or cruel things for views continue to be news stories that continue to crop up. It reminds us that the world of YouTube is still a wild west situation, and anyone can pick up their phone, come up to a stranger and do something insane. This lack of oversight can result in horror or delight. It’s up to the individual to take the personal responsibility to decide which is which.


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