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What's Trending serves as a 24/7 news hub, covering and curating the most viral and shareable content across the social web. It is a home for all of what is trending on the Internet. Our Emmy-nominated live and interactive talk show airs daily on YouTube. Stay connected and join the conversation by following us on Twitter @WhatsTrending.

  • Damon Berger is the co-founder and CEO of What’s Trending. Don’t listen to your teachers, you can get paid to surf the internet every day. Now, watch what it’s like to be Superman with a Go Pro by Corridor Digital.

  • Alexandra Zaslow is a former HuffPoster. She puts hot sauce on just about everything and rarely misses "The Tonight Show." She's originally from Michigan, but New York has always held a special place in her heart. Oh yea, and she likes to write.

  • Chris has worn many hats in editorial, social strategy, and community management at Rocketboom, Know Your Meme, Urlesque (now HuffPo comedy), BuzzFeed, My Damn Channel, and others. Although he has ample hosting experience, Chris is most comfortable behind the scenes.

  • Mando is an internet kid, spending a good portion of his time staring at various screens for work and pleasure. While working towards a degree in broadcasting, he stays dorky every day.

  • Broadcast student from Cal State Fullerton, fascinated with video production, journalism, reporting and film.

  • Cameron Anderson is a student that studies film. His interests are Comic books, Sci-Fi, and Soccer.

  • Emy is a recent grad of Emerson College who loves absurd fashion, silly music, and ridiculous celebrity antics. Follow @emy_lacroix

  • Jonathan Daniel Harris is a writer and producer for What's Trending.

  • Lon Harris writes and produces What's Trending. Though he writes for a living, Lon struggles with one to two sentence bios. For example, this is one sentence too long.

  • Mai Linh is an avid consumer of the YouTubez, and is a YouTuber herself. She has an affinity for Rubik's Cubes, and thinks she's at least mediocre at making people laugh. You can watch her YouTube videos here.

  • Technology and gaming enthusiast. I also make videos for What's Trending.