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  • Damon Berger is the co-founder and CEO of What’s Trending. Don’t listen to your teachers, you can get paid to surf the internet every day. Now, watch what it’s like to be Superman with a Go Pro by Corridor Digital.

  • Alexandra Zaslow is a former HuffPoster. She puts hot sauce on just about everything and rarely misses "The Tonight Show." She's originally from Michigan, but New York has always held a special place in her heart. Oh yea, and she likes to write.

  • Mando is an internet kid, spending a good portion of his time staring at various screens for work and pleasure. While working towards a degree in broadcasting, he stays dorky every day.

  • Broadcast student from Cal State Fullerton, fascinated with video production, journalism, reporting and film.

  • Cameron Anderson is a student that studies film. His interests are Comic books, Sci-Fi, and Soccer.

  • Emy is a recent grad of Emerson College who loves absurd fashion, silly music, and ridiculous celebrity antics. Follow @emy_lacroix

  • Jonathan Daniel Harris is a writer and producer for What's Trending.

  • Lon Harris writes and produces What's Trending. Though he writes for a living, Lon struggles with one to two sentence bios. For example, this is one sentence too long.

  • Mai Linh is an avid consumer of the YouTubez, and is a YouTuber herself. She has an affinity for Rubik's Cubes, and thinks she's at least mediocre at making people laugh. You can watch her YouTube videos here.

  • Technology and gaming enthusiast. I also make videos for What's Trending.