Arctic Monkeys Pull A Beyonce For The Second Time With Release of 'Snap Out Of It'

The Arctic Monkeys released a music video to "Snap Out Of It" off their recent album "AM."

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  • Arctic Monkeys pulled a Beyonce for the second time and released a new music video without any heads up to their fans. The new music video, Snap Out Of It, is off of their latest album, AM.

    This video features actress Stephanie Sigman distraught tying to get over Alex Turner, the lead vocalist of the group, while she is swimming, cooking and watching footage of the band in the studio.

    This is the third music video off of their new album. The other two tracks are blowing up. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High has reached over 16 million views and Arabella has over 6 million views. We can only imagine how many view Snap Out Of It will reach!

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