New Nickelback Song is Awful (Duh.)

The band we all love to hate is making it too easy

  • "Hey, WT, why the hell are you linking to universally derided mega-band Nickelback's ridiculous new disco song?"

    You're right, of course. No one needs another post explaining the ear-melting horror of Nickelback. You already know this song is bad. But what you don't know is how bad it really is. It's disco bad. It's "Coca Cola rollercoaster" bad.

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  • It's a little sad, actually. Nickelback is so good at making awful Nickelback-y music. But their turning their "talents" in a new direction. Now they're making bad Maroon 5 songs too!

    What they're really doing,we're pretty sure, is trolling. And it's working. We're talking about it. So it seems Nickelback is good at something. Just not music.

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